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July 5th, 2015Posted by admin


This mom was so excited about her first time in front of the camera that she couldn’t stop smiling. The 40 something milf was so eager to please and didn’t even realize that her gorgeous big tits were already doing the job. Her stud sat the giggling cougar on his knee so that those big boobies were in his face, like a mother feeding her child. He asked the huge juggs milf just what she wanted and the mom’s eyes got big. This is the first time anyone asked the kinky cougar about her secret fantasies, which turned out easy enough to fulfill- a young stud fucking her mature pussy.

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Huge juggs milf plays with nipples and sucks cock

June 15th, 2015Posted by admin


You would never believe that this horny huge juggs milf from 40 Something Mag actually has two grown daughters- coincidentally the same age as the stud she’s about to fuck. The woman was a good housewife through the years and always got the kiddies to soccer practice on time.

Now it is time that she takes care of her mature needs. Those brilliant chest melons are still perfectly round and perky, but waiting for someone to suck on and play with. To make herself purr, the cougar is tweaking her own tits while inhaling on this giant cock in her wet mouth.

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Huge juggs milf plays with the fuck machine

May 26th, 2015Posted by admin


For Christmas, this mom got the kids video games and a different sort of remote control toy for herself. The hot milf turned on her cams in order to capture all this fun in action. Her perfectly round mommy melons were already overflowing from a tight lacy top, but they fall out once the vibrating erupts through her body.

The huge juggs milf starts off on low speed, which makes her smile mischievously and those big jugs jiggle. Once the cougar starts upping the speed however, the wild milf is leaning back in throws of passion until her heels rip through the carpet.

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Blonde huge juggs milf plays with a cock

May 6th, 2015Posted by admin


A huge juggs milf doesn’t look this good and not show it off. This blond mom at 40 Something Mag is the most glamorous bitch at any cocktail party, but she’s not looking to shack up with the big corporate execs. She did all that in her young days and now the horny cougar wants to try some young meat.

Her big breasts spill right out of her dress like bait for a big cock and soon the hot mom snags herself a beast. She’s just as interested in teasing you with her tasty milf melons while showing off her mature skills.

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Huge juggs milf getting fucked on the floor

April 16th, 2015Posted by admin


The mat that this blond huge juggs milf is getting fucked on is actually for yoga. It seems like the mom has found a better use for it-and a better way to stay in shape. The amazingly flexible cougar is pulling out all her secret tantric tricks and yoga breathing techniques in order to suck the life force from this young guy’s cock. Even though he is half the mom’s 40 something years, he can’t handle the way the cougar is working his meat. Those big mother jugs bounce in all directions like soft chest pillow that are about to be splashed.

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March 27th, 2015Posted by admin


Mom has got her home d├ęcor down to the t: a big bed in the center of the room, a mirror running the length of the wall, a stud waiting on her silk sheets and a video camera to capture it all. The young stud has his whole face buried in those delicious mom melons, but the cougar is looking right at the cam, making sure that you know exactly how horny she is. Not even this young guy’s energy will match her huge juggs milf thirst and she’s daring every stud to fuck her snatch until her tits quiver. The cougar actually even has a snarl on her face which just gets more intense as the fucking intensifies.

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